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Most Popular History Topics – United States - Social History Topics
  • The cultural impact of the Industrial Revolution in America. In what ways did it influence the arts, education, entertainment, etc.?
  • The blue laws and the Puritans
  • How the wide use of the telephone changed American life
  • How the Great Depression (1930) affected the working man and his family
  • The origins of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Trace the influence of Great Britain on American manners and morals.
  • Living conditions in “New York City”, 1850–1880
  • The integration of “Chinese” immigrants into American culture
  • The Oneida Community: an early commune
  • The social and economic structure of the antebellum southern plantation
  • Why the hippie movement was (or was not) unique
  • How have attitudes toward prostitution altered in America? Follow the changes from 1600 to the present say.
  • Sexual equality:    its American roots
  • The work ethic and the American frontier
  • The Western hero:    myth and reality
  • The frontier as social leveller
  • Life on the Erie Canal
  • The early days of the Amana community
  • How the social class system in colonial New England affected the course of American history
  • Military posts on the Western frontier. How were they organized and who lived on them? Describe a composite life-style.
  • Compare and contrast class structure in America in 1850 and in 1950.
  • Civil disobedience in America’s past
  • How the automobile changed American society
  • Life aboard a Mississippi riverboat
  • The influence of the Quakers
  • Compare and contrast the values of the pre-Civil War Southern slaveholder with those of the Northern abolitionist.
  • The social consequences of the Vietnam War
  • Compare newspaper advice columns for the years 1920, 1940, 1960, and 1980.
  • Education in one-room country schools
  • The importance of the individual in America has been replaced by an increasing emphasis on collective action. There is historical evidence supporting each side of this issue.  Contrast these conflicting views.
  • The negative aftermaths of World War II in the United States socioeconomic system
  • The Young Men’s Christian Association. What were the conditions in society that fostered its establishment?
  • The impact of the Great Depression was felt on every level of American society. In what ways did it affect and permanently change existing social structures?
  • How have family life-patterns changed since television viewing has increased in most families? What problems has it caused?
  • How was John Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath a mirror for social conditions in the 1930’s in America?

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