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Most Popular History Topics – United States - 20th Century Topics
  • Has the civil rights movement been a success or a failure?
  • Wall Street collapse (1929)
  • Richard Nixon’s last twenty days in the White House
  • President Carter’s handling of the Iranian hostage situation has been variously praised and censured. Support one side of the issue.
  • The effects of the 1963 Birmingham civil rights demonstrations
  • Was the United States’ entry into World War I in the national interest?
  • The American post-war occupation of Japan:   problems and achievements
  • How did the United States mobilize for war after Pearl Harbor?
  • The Bay of Pigs:     historical afterthoughts
  • “Brainwashing” of American prisoners of war during the Korean conflict. What techniques were the results?
  • The American bicentennial celebration
  • Many historians have named Henry Ford as a symbol of his era. In what ways might this be true? In what ways is it inexact?
  • What the New Deal did for the agricultural community. Evaluate both the short- and long-term success of the program.
  • What were the origins and contributing factors of American prosperity in the 1920’s? Were they similar to that operant after World War II?
  • What has been the human radiation damage from United States nuclear tests? Consult the most recent findings.
  • Level of United States isolationism and neutrality before entry into World War II
  • Nonviolent resistance as social protest in the 1960’s civil rights movement
  • What has been the function of the conglomerate in the American economy since 1950? Select either one industry or a diversified corporation.
  • Poverty in America in the twentieth century
  • Was the My Lai incident a significant event of the Vietnam War? What were the ethical issues involved?
  • In what ways was the New Deal a failure? Cite a variety of historians to support your answer.
  • What have been the principal causes for the long-term poverty levels in Appalachia? What remedial measures might alleviate the situation?
  • Select a program of rock music of the 1960’s whose themes and lyrics reflect and symbolize the prevailing attitudes and critical issues of the era.
  • What have been the lasting results of the Cold War? Is it over?
  • What has been the impact of the Love Canal on the immediate area and on the nation as a whole? Has it successfully raised the country’s consciousness about such dangers?
  • Why does Franklin D. Roosevelt remain a figure of controversy? Have the issues changed?
  • Public opinion and the presidency of John F. Kennedy
  • Why do historians consider Truman to have been a successful president?
  • How Presidents Ford, Carter, and Reagan changed the presidential image created by President Nixon
  • Evaluate Theodore Roosevelt’s administration in terms of short-term and long-term results.
  • Analyze the assets and liabilities of President Wilson’s personality in assessing him as president.
  • Was the United States’ participation in World War I justified? To what extent were national interests involved? Could the United States have remained neutral?
  • Evaluate Woodrow Wilson’s agenda for peace following World War I. was it realistic in terms of American and European attitudes and goals?

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