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Economics Essay

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The Basics of Economics

Economics is the study of the economy. The market where people sell and buy goods and services all comes under economics. There have been many economists who have invented many theories which help to explain the economy and how to make it stronger. Economics is now taught in schools and universities and is one of the most important fields of education. Understanding the economy is the only way to completely achieve monetary success.

Economics Q & A

There are many questions related to economics that students often ask. Some of the common ones are that what is economics about? You can find comprehensive answers to this question. The right answer will be that economics is the study of allocating scarce resources to produce goods and services. Another question is that is the study of economics and economic development the same thing? The answer to this question is that no, the study of economics includes many other things which we do not study in economic development. Economic development is a focused branch of economics.

Economics and Growth

Economics and growth is interrelated. If we truly understand economic theories, we can understand the concept of economic growth. Economic growth is when a country is producing more goods and services than compared to the previous year or time period. It can be measured in different ways. In nominal terms, you can find out the growth with no inclusion of the inflation. But in real terms you get to adjust the inflation and get the results.

Overview of Behavioral Economics

Behavioral Economics is a branch of economics that helps to explain why certain individuals make some decisions related to economics. A brain is a powerful tool that is given to every human being. How does this brain work when it comes to talking about economics? Understanding this will lead to the decision-making ability of humans. The behavior that we show towards certain economic decisions is used by experts to make other decisions.

Economics of a Monopoly

A monopoly is an economic structure that has only one producer or seller of a good or service. The whole industry is made up of that one person. This person or business has the choice of putting any price on the goods depending on the kind of commodity he or she is selling. It is not difficult to understand that no one will be able to enter this market because the producer has a large profit and market share. They are powerful and can rule in whatever way they want. Some people believe that monopoly is illegal. This is not true. A monopoly is not illegal but it is discouraged by governments.

Micro and Macro Economics

Micro Economics is when you evaluate and study a person, a group or a company. It is much more individualistic in nature. Macroeconomics, on the other hand, is the study of the whole economy of a country. Micro Economics is about the decisions that affect the induvial. It is more inclined to improving people’s lives. Macroeconomics tends to improve the overall living standards of a community and country.

Most Popular Economics Topics
  • The processes used in the compilation of the United States budget
  • Can the market system be used to correct environmental problems?
  • Investigate and analyze the services of five local banks (types of services, charges, specialties, and trends).
  • How do federal deficits harm (help) the economy?
  • Work enrichment programs
  • Do Americans face a permanent decline in national income?
  • Problems facing the Federal Reserve System
  • The current stance of the Justice Department concerning antitrust prosecutions
  • The role of profit in the allocation of scarce resources
  • The possible and probable effects of equal income distribution in the United States
  • Henry George and the single-tax movement
  • Private ownership of scarce natural resources. What role should the government play? Consider the opinions of a selection of economists.
  • Is conspicuous consumption necessary to the continuance of the American economic system?
  • What has been the traditional impact of immigration on the labour force?
  • The computation of the gross national product and why it is a significant indicator
  • How unemployment rates affect the national economy
  • Consumer credit:     origins, directions, and impact on the economy
  • Second homes in America. Has the number increased? The ratio? Who owns them? How are they affected by inflation?
  • Can inflation be stopped? What have been some of the principal proposals to alter the price spiral?
  • The economics of nuclear power
  • How petrodollars have influenced the United States economy
  • Is an international economic order possible?
  • Economic aspects of American trade with Russia
  • Factors contributing to the United States recovery from the Great Depression
  • How the Arab oil embargo affected of regressive taxation. Who is the primary beneficiary?
  • Effects of regressive taxation. Who is the primary beneficiary?
  • American exports and the balance of payments: An overview
  • Refute or defend:    Automation increases employment.
  • How the Common Market has influenced the American export trade
  • How inflation has altered the local job market (in your community)
  • Why the Brook Farm Community failed
  • The Tennessee Valley Authority today. Have the original goals been met? What is its current economic structure?
  • The free enterprise system in America. Is it democratic?
  • Financial problems of the housing industry
  • Trends in consumer buying, from 1975 to date
  • The prime interest rate has had wide fluctuations for the last 15 years. Explain the reason(s) for these variations. Include a graph of these variations. Include a graph of these changes.
  • The effects of gold on the world monetary system

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