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Small Business Essay Topics
  • How to select a retail outlet for a product
  • Describe the product, layout, equipment, and processing procedures for a “fast food restaurant.”
  • Insurance for the small business man – a survey of options
  • Evaluate the advertising possibilities and potentials for a small business establishment in your locality.
  • Accounting procedures for small businesses. Include a survey of typical expenses, cash requirements, etc.
  • Design an advertising campaign for your own small business of ___________. Select a product or service and market area.
  • Tax advantages for small business
  • How to market (your) crafts
  • How to successfully initiate a sales promotion campaign. Select a product or service area.
  • How the decline of small business has changed the American business economy
  • Select five books that deal with running your own small business. Compare and contrast them. Include the opinion of critics through book reviews if they are available.
  • How to operate a successful mail-order business
  • How inflation affects the small businessman
  • Facilities and services of the Small Business Administration
  • What services are available to local business from bank in your area?
  • How to select and purchase a franchise
  • The requirements for small business in your local community and state
  • Select one franchise opportunity (from the Wall Street Journal. For example) and write to the company for information. Evaluate and compare it to similar franchises. Research the company’s background, financial status, size, etc.
  • Credit and collection policies and operations. Choose three major credit companies and compare their regulations and procedures.
  • Inventory management policies and procedures
  • Employee benefits for small business
  • How to develop a business plan before stating a small business
  • Short-term financing for the small business organization
  • Theft in retail outlets. How large is the problem? What are the remedies?
  • How to evaluate marketing and advertising options for small business
  • Accounting services for the small business. What is required?
  • The independent sales agent and the small business
  • Interview two small business owners (in similar or related areas) and compare their finance methods of recordkeeping, production, advertising, sales strategy, marketing, etc.
  • Shopping center locations and how to evaluate them for a ready-to-wear business Compare and contrast individual Retirement Accounts and Keogh plans.
  • Compare and contrast individual Retirement Accounts and Keogh Plans.
  • What factors account for the increase in small business failures?
  • What a computer can and cannot do for a typical small business
  • Visit several successful small businesses and discuss their start-up costs, overhead, personal inventory, and other financial details. Compare and contrast the results.
  • How to display merchandise
  • The economic plight of small businessmen in a high interest world
  • Problems in small business management
  • Compare and contrast the merits of solo versus partnership in a small business venture.
  • Interview two small business owners and compare their educational and work backgrounds.

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Most Popular Business and Industry Topics
  • Why business and industry want to change the Clean Air Act?
  • How business practices in the United States led to the rise of consumerism in modern America ?
  • What are the relative merits of a centralized business organization, as opposed to one which is decentralized?
  • Industrial recruitment practices
  • The advantages of profit sharing. Include both employer and employee viewpoints.
  • Building a corporate image
  • The responsibility of business and industry in the control of workplace-related injuries and diseases
  • Examine and evaluate some of the current financing methods for real estate contracts.
  • Business dealings in the late 1800’s in the United States were notoriously unregulated and corrupt. Has government regulation effectively curtailed these practices in the twentieth century?
  • The 1920’s was an era of prosperity and growth in the American business community. Select one company which originated during this era and chart its economic course.
  • Describe the traditional methods of market testing. What innovations have changed some of these practices?
  • Why more than 80 percent of new products that reach the marketplace fail?
  • Examine the major federal acts that have attempted regulation of industry anticompetitive activities. How have the regulations been enforced? Use actual cases as examples.
  • Should the United States impose more trade barriers? On what products? What countries?
  • The housing squeeze
  • What factors contributed to the rapid growth of American industry after 1812?
  • How large corporations exercise political power at the national and international level
  • Will increased automation lead to increased unemployment in business and industry?
  • How do monopolies and oligopolies function in the American business community? Include natural monopolies.
  • Why was the Sherman Antitrust Act failure?
  • The housing squeeze
  • The increase and extent of foreign investments in the United States economy
  • Preventing employee theft. What have been some of the most effective and innovative techniques used in recent years?
  • Quality control in Japanese industry
  • Japanese-United States trade:   1975 to date
  • Safety in industry. Discuss regulation, abuses, and proposed directions for change. Select one industrial area.
  • What is involved in the international sales contract?
  • How the metric system affects United States business and industry
  • Long distance moving
  • Select several large business organizations in your area and compare the personnel selection policies of each. Use, for example, a hospital, a retailer, a manufacturer, and a bank.
  • Business ethics:   practices and problems
  • Compare and contrast the structure of profit and nonprofit organizations. Include personnel and objectives.
  • Several American companies have applied Japanese managerial methods to their companies. What have been the results?
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