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What is Arts?

Art is a form of expression that helps people to express their ideas. There are different types of arts. Art can be anything that allows you to reach far and beyond the usual. It helps a person to grow in ways that are not possible in any other way. Art can be done using paints or colors, a pen or a spoken word. The more usual forms of art are visual in nature and are often imaginative. Art can be further divided into four broad categories: painting, music, literature and dance. In different parts of the world these types are practiced religiously and the new generation is encouraged to pursue careers in subjects related to art. Art is something that has always been and will always be present. It can never be diminished. With time, people have started perfecting this and what was once a hobby, is now becoming a major career path.

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The Importance of Art

The importance of art cannot be explained in a few lines because for different people it can have different meanings. However, the commonalities between all the people who love art is that art has given them a direction in life. They finally know what they can do and what they are good at. They feel inspired and belonged. Art has helped people to cope with the depression in life. They are able to express themselves in various ways. Art has helped to reach the hearts of the people. Affecting the heart is bringing real change in the society so indirectly art has influenced our society with time and made it better. Art also brings people together because it is a universal language that is spoken and understood by people from all over the world. We might not understand the language of every country but we can understand the art done there. Art is beauty. Art is life.

What are Propaganda over Arts

Arts has always been a controversial subject. While many of us do understand its importance, we tend not to acknowledge the variations this subject has to offer. Art cannot be the same everywhere. Every culture, place or person will have his or her own form of art. The basic problem is that people are not tolerant enough to give art a chance. This has caused arts to be a propaganda. A picture and a written word is a powerful tool and if used in a negative way it will negate a negative image. People do not blame the artist for corrupting art but they blame the whole art itself. If people can learn the difference between an artist and art, they will be better able to comprehend the issues that revolve around art. Art cannot be held accountable for things that go wrong. Rather, it should be evaluated on all the good it has brought to the world. People also think that art is not as tough and as rewarding as the other subjects like mathematics and sciences. It is true that these disciplines are very different from each other but this does not mean that art cannot be enough for a person. Art is the reward.

Most Popular Arts Topics
  1. Fibers for weaving. Compare and contrast the use of synthetic versus natural materials.
  2. Spinning in antiquity. What were the materials, tools, methods?
  3. Ancient pottery shaping techniques
  4. Classical Greek jewelry
  5. Paper crafts for children
  6. Victorian beadwork
  7. The design and decoration of the Faberge egg
  8. Visit several traditional craft collections in your locality. Select one type (pottery, metal-work, woven fabrics, etc.) and describe the (collection, its diversity, uses, historical precedents and origins, etc.)
  9. American “weathervane” designs. Or, choose another common folk design.
  10. Traditional “Indonesian” crafts
  11. What are the materials and tools necessary for “wood carving”? (Select a craft.) What are the requisite skills?
  12. The art of store window display
  13. The Pueblo pottery of Maria Martinez
  14. Religious art of Spain
  15. Art has often responded directly to current events, political, economic, and social. Select one of these areas and use relevant examples to illustrate this point.
  16. Dadaism as a precursor of surrealism
  17. The relationship between the Barbizon school and impressionism
  18. Birds in art
  19. The scope and influence of the National Endowment for the Arts
  20. Should big business support the arts? Detail some successful instances of such funding. Was it on a local or national basis?
  21. Design the perfect studio for the artist. Consider media used, lighting, storage, utility, aesthetics, and other necessary factors.
  22. Cultural patronage in Elizabethan England. What were its effect on the establishment and spread of the arts throughout society?
  23. Examine the relationship between German expressionist painting, theatre, and film.
  24. Compare and contrast Mayan and Olmec architecture, sculpture and artistic artefacts.
  25. The invention of linear perspective and some of its earliest applications in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century art
  26. The influence of miniature design motifs on Islamic architecture and weaving
  27. The American western art market:   its economics, works, and patrons
  28. The New York art market today
  29. Artists as “Bohemians”:    the myths, the legends, and the grimmer realities
  30. Robert Smithson and environmental art
  31. Chinoiserie in eighteenth-century Europe:    its designs and applications
  32. The WPA (Work Projects Administration) in the Great Depression employed many artists and writers. Describe this program and some of the more successful results.
  33. American women art collectors (1890–1920)
  34. How inflation has affected the arts
  35. Floral motifs in art noveau
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