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Most Popular Literature Topics - Children Topics
  • Jules Verne’s science fiction and fact. Discuss several of his books in light of current scientific invention and discovery.
  • The funniest books for children. Why?
  • Plan a poetry reading program for children. Select an age group. Justify each poem selected.
  • Interview several children about their reading habits. Tabulate the reading levels, their likes, and dislikes. What is the relation to the home environment?
  • What are some of the guides for evaluating children’s literature?
  • The enduring qualities of the “Little House” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • How to motivate children to read good literature
  • Compare four biographies of the same person. Include an analysis of each one’s scope, accuracy format, and style.
  • Discuss character, plot, theme, and style of several titles from a children’s series, such as the Nancy Drew books.
  • Compare a number of folk tales from several countries which are based on similar or identical themes.
  • Compare and contrast the illustrations from five different Caldecott Medal winners to those illustrations found in a comic book, a grad school text, a picture book from the grocery store, etc.
  • The classic villains of children’s literature
  • Prepare an annotated bibliography of books designed to increase the social awareness of fourth and fifth graders. Include fiction as well.
  • Magazines for children:   what they offer and how well they do it
  • Compare the Pueblo myths with Christian thought in Gerald McDermott’s Arrow to the Sun.
  • Compare and contrast the fables of Aesop and La Fontaine.
  • Tall tales:    Compare and contrast the stories about Mike Fink, Paul Bunyan, John Henry, and Pecos Bill.
  • Examine and compare at least ten difference counting books for the very young child.
  • Anthropomorphism in children’s animal stories
  • Black magic, witches, and evil in children’s literature
  • Read and critique several different books which involve the juvenile reader in such concepts as honesty, courage, pride, etc.
  • What makes a book a good one for young children:   a survey of criteria
  • Describe Africans (or, Jews, Puerto in books for juveniles that have been published in the past and in some current books.
  • Compare and contrast children’s books which examine and teach about death.
  • Teaching biology to children through the use of animal stories. Analyze elements that are necessary to teach essential scientific concepts. Select a grade level.
  • Sexism in juvenile literature:   a historical survey
  • Stereotyping in picture books
  • Prepare an annotated list of not more than twenty-five books for a child’s home library (cover ages four through ten).
  • Criteria for the evaluation of social studies textbooks for the primary grades
  • Prepare for young people an annotated bibliography of materials written about your local city, country, or state.
  • Compare and contrast the early editions of Mother Goose stories with recent examples.
  • Compare and contrast translations for children of the Greek myths by Nathaniel Hawthorne and Charles Kingsley.
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