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Most Popular Health Essay Topics
  • The human legacy of the early nuclear test
  • The effects of alcohol consumption on the fetus during pregnancy
  • High-altitude health hazards for mountaineers
  • Dust pollution as a health factor
  • Lead, cadmium, and mercury and their effects on animal systems
  • Noise and progressive hearing loss. Survey the scientific data from the last ten yeas.
  • Why women should know more about their own bodies. Include methods for self-knowledge and awareness.
  • Main safety standards and why they are necessary
  • Cholesterol, fats, and heart disease. Check the results of the latest medical studies.
  • The pros and cons of cosmetic surgery
  • The history of “cosmetic” safety
  • How to avoid unnecessary surgery
  • When to  call a door
  • Beneficial effects of Hatha Yoga
  • How to use exercise equipment effetely for maximum benefits for both muscular and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Senility: the myths and the reality
  • The harmless (harmful) effects of marijuana as reported in some clinical reports
  • Causes and remedies for acne. Investigate the latest treatments and medications
  • Investigate drinking water safety standards in your community and state.
  • Obesity:   genetic and physiological aspects
  • If your kidneys fail, how do you get new ones?
  • Many do not want to know if they have a genetic predisposition for a disease. Others do. Examine both attitudes.
  • Examine the cost-benefit analysis of organ transplants.
  • Adverse reactions to prescription drug have increased. Examine causes and possible remedies.
  • Collect and analyze evidence proving vitamin E as a medication has no medical value.
  • What is included in chiropractic treatment? What is excluded?
  • Changing approaches to the treatment of pain. Include pain centers.
  • What scientists have discovered about genetic markers and health
  • The relationship between smoking and disease
  • Exercise and pregnancy
  • Psychological aspects of physical fitness
  • Evidence supporting the theory that jogging prevents heart attacks
  • Problems of health care in rural communities
  • Permanent effects of LSD
  • The dangers of barbiturates
  • Emotional stress and the body’s reactions
  • Physical and mental results of amphetamine abuse
  • Reconstruct the case of “Typhoid Mary.” Contrast the events to modern methods of disease control.
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