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Environmental Essay

Environmental essay is may be assigned to you or you choose a environmental topic for your essay. Now, you have to think about the subject of essay that you are expected to produce. Should it be a common overview, or a specific study of the environmental essay? If it is a common idea, then you are most likely prepared to move to the next step. If it is a specific idea, make sure your environmental essay topic is precise.

After the selection of environmental essay topic, you will need to familiarize yourself with the topic. An essay not requires the depth research that a environmental research paper or thesis would require, but the student should still have the general knowledge of the topic.

Next is to think about the cause of environmental essay you must write. Is your cause to convince people to believe as you do on environmental, to explain to people how to complete a research on environmental, to educate readers about environmental, or something else completely? Now start your essay writing and divide over all process into introduction and conclusion.

Many students agree that developing a fresh idea for environmental essay is too difficult they often get stuck in, helplessly trying to squeeze any idea out of their mind. Custom Essay Online offers you high quality custom written environmental essays.

Understanding Environment

The environment is a combination of all the living and non-living things in a place. They all occur naturally. Understanding the environment is not an easy thing. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration before anyone can understand the environment. In different places around the world, the environment is different. That is why there is no set criteria for what an environment should consist of. A lot of research has been done to understand the environment and slowly, we humans, are reaching a point where we can finally know the basics of an environment.

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Environmental Ethics

Like everything else in this world, the environment has some ethics that we need to follow. These environmental ethics are actually a whole new branch of science that helps people learn about how to interact with the environment. The environment needs to be preserved and saved. In this evolutionary world, there have a lot of advances in this discipline. Scientists are proving new things every day related to the environment. These professionals are urging the people to take care of the environment. In the end, it is not just us humans that make up the world, we have millions of other living and non-living things around us. Together we all are a part of Earth and together we must live.

Environmental Problems

There are some major environmental problems that we are going through now. Over the years, there has been a major increase in the human population. The world is now occupied by more than 7 billion people. This has led to the first environmental problem. The environment cannot cope up with this burden of the human population. The second environmental problem stems from the first one. There are limited natural resources. The depletion of these natural resources is on the rise and soon we will not have enough resources to survive. This resource exhaustion is a very current problem and one which needs immediate attention.

Environmental Responsibility

Everyone is responsible for the environment. All the human beings are a part of this ecosystem and are influencing the environment in one way or another. Just like we are taking so much from the environment, we need to give back to it too. As an individual, it is our responsibility to keep our environment clean and plant more trees. These are tasks which anyone can do easily. Other than this, there are NGO’s and other organizations working towards improving the environment. They promote volunteers and have very interesting projects going on through the year.

Environmental Pollution & Its Side Effects

Environmental pollution mostly consists of air pollution, but land pollution is also a growing concern for the governments of many countries. Collectively, environmental pollution is the harm done to the environment by the releasing of the greenhouse gasses and other chemicals in the air. The dumping of waste in natural places is also adding to the problem. Environmental pollution is damaging people’s health. This is the most major side effect. New diseases which we were not known before are emerging and spreading. Another side effect is that environmental pollution is causing major weather changes. This climate shift could be the end of the human race.

Most Popular Environmental Science Topics
  • Why Theodore Roosevelt’s greatest contribution as president was in the field of conservation
  • Widespread environmental degradation occurred in Vietnam as an effect of American strategy and weaponry. What were some of the major consequences? Are they still factors in this area?
  • Identify an area of environmental conflict within your locality. What precipitated this conflict? What are the contrasting values held by the opponents? Is a resolution possible?
  • What are the major causes of forest fire in the United States/ what is the annual toll, both economically and environmentally?
  • What do wetlands contribute to the environment?
  • How forest fires are controlled
  • The Tennessee Valley Authority’s Tellico Dam and the controversy surrounding its construction
  • What are the basic factors underlying land use conflicts in the United States?
  • Bottle laws:     pros and cons
  • What are the five most critical environmental problems in the United States today? Detail their scope and the ultimate consequences of their unchecked expansion.
  • Examine in detail selected examples of the verity of ways mankind has functioned as a modifier of the environment
  • Examine in detail selected examples of the variety of ways mankind has functioned as a modifier of the environment
  • Greenpeace Foundation and whale conservation
  • The damage to bird populations from oil spills
  • Practical soil erosion controls for farmlands
  • Deforestation in the Himalayas
  • The environmental impact of Eskimo hunting
  • Will zoos be the last wildlife preserves?
  • The effects of tanker oil spills on coastal areas
  • Paraquat spraying of marijuana. What have been the environmental consequences?
  • Is the Environmental Protection Agency effectively protecting the environment? Is there agreement on this question?
  • Open pit and strip mining:   An environmental disaster?
  • The failure of technology to serve our environmental interests
  • Present the case for wilderness areas
  • The impact of environmental regulation on _________. Select an industry
  • The environmental consequences of the misuse of slash- and- burn agriculture
  • What were the goals of the “Green Revolution”? Why have they not been realized? What were the basic contradictions of this philosophy?
  • How the passenger pigeon became extinct
  • Wind erosion:   Discuss the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s and modern instances, of this condition as well.
  • Clean air in the 1990s: standards, progress, and prospects
  • World water shortages
  • The burro problem in the Grand Canyon
  • Lead in the environment
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